Abstract Glow


Win In Bull And Bear Markets

Trend Confirmation


1. UP - Indicates an ongoing UPTREND.
2. DOWN - Indicates an ongoing DOWNTREND.
REVERSAL indicates countdown to a confirmed change in trend.

4. Trends are based on a 1-Day timeframe.
5. A new trend may change abruptly even after confirmation.
6. Trend following signals lag price....they're always late.
7. Win rates are ~40% BUT Winning trades > Losing trades.

Market Rotation


Top 10 Leading Stocks


1. ENVIRONMENT - Indicates a BUYING or SELLING market environment.
2. SIZE - Indicates LARGE vs MID vs SMALL caps.
3. FACTOR - Indicates GROWTH vs VALUE.
4. SECTOR - Identifies the LEADING sector(s).
5. THEME/INDUSTRY - Identifies the LEADING industry/theme.
6. --- Means there is no CLEAR leader or outperformer
7. The top 10 Leading Stocks updated every weekend.


Long Ideas

Stock Ideas

ETF Ideas


1. A breakout strategy is being employed.
2. Targets are based on Reward : Risk ratio of 2 : 1.

3. Selection criteria: Price Action, Sentiment, Relative Strength.
4. Time horizon is one week - three months.
5. Pullbacks, Consolidation and Reversals may occur at anytime.
6. Trade ideas are based on high probability setups, not prediction.